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am i bored enough for you?

Age: 15
Place of birth: Colorado
Location: Colorado
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Boyfriend
Got any pets?: Yup. I got a boxer puppy named Toby. A 7 year old minature schnauzer named Bella.  An African Grey named Sinbad and a baby parrot named Taz.

Movies: Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Resevoir Dogs, The Little Rascals, Peter Pan, The Goonies, Napoleon Dynamite, Super Troopers, Office Space, Andre, Mrs. Doubtfire, Empire Records, Alice in Wonderland.. haha and many other.. what can I say.. I watch a lot a lot of movies
TV Shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Boy Meets World,  The Simpsons, Southpark, The Chapelle Show
Music: Streetlight Manifesto, Rx Bandits, The Slacker, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Aquabats, Toasters, Blondie, Queen, Aerosmith, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Less Than Jake, Depeche Mode, Mad Caddies
Books: To Kill a Mocking Bird, A parallel Universe of Liars, Lovely Bones, The Notebook
Games: Snake, Snood, HIDE N GO SEEK (in the dark!), Blaster Ball, Pac Man, Any Super Nintendo game ever invented.. especially Super Mario and Bubsy
Material object:

::What Are Your Views On::
War In Iraq: This is a toughy..  I do not like Bush, and I dont agree with his desicions.  After seeing fahrenheight 9-11 (i know i know.. basing my opinion off that movie) I dont think that it was necessary.  War is a terrible terribly thing that takes thousands of innocent lives and in this case for a dumb reason.  I really think the war in Iraq could have been avoided.
Sex:((Yes, just sex in general)) I think that sex is fine as long as the people having it realize what they are doing.  I myself am still a virgin and don't plan on loosing my virginity yet however I think that if people want to take the risk of commitment, stds, and other such things then its absoloutely fine.  Everyone is ready at different times and it's no one else's job to tell you when you are and are not ready however I have to say that if you are young, protected sex is the way to go!
Gay Marriages:Yes yes yes! Everyone should have their chance to be happy regardless of their sexuality.  People arent banned from dressing goth, punk, etc so why should they be banned from loving people of the opposite sex? People can't control their sexuality and they need to have just as much of a chance to live happily with someone as a straight person does.
Self Mutilation: I really don't agree it.. I have a few people close to me who cut and I've noticed that it damages people a lot.  I think that not only does it damagae the people cutting but the people close to them as well.  There are other ways to cope with the pain but a lot of people are blind to that.
Boredem: Whats there to think about it.. ha! Im bored out of my mind ALL OF THE TIME! Theres absoloutely nothing to do but sit my happy ass here infront of the computer doing nonsense that will get me nowhere in life.. haha works for me tho :)

How often do you find yourself bored: ALWAYS, unless im sleeping, or watching a totally rad movie
How do you usually solve your boredem: I sit on my ass in front of my computer doing pointless thing on really cool websites
Any advice for others on how to become bored less often: LIVE JOURNAL COMMUNTIES.. and movies.. :) yes i like movies.. mmhmm
Why do you think boredem plagues so many people: Theres nothing to do a lot of the time and people are too damn lazy to make self entertainment!
Hobbies... Got any of those: dance, coloring, painting things, gymnastics, field hockey, laughing hysterically for absoloutely no reason, hanging out with friends, swimming

::Suck Up!::
And now here is a few minutes so that you may suck up so that you have a better chance of acceptence:
This community is effing awesome, you all are sooo rad.. This will totally rid me of my boredom :)

Why is the sky blue: Blue is a happy color and God is a happy man.  When people look at the sky and see it bright and blue people smile and get happy and God likes it when his kids are happy.. so he made it blue :)
Fine, then why is the ocean blue: The reflection of the sky on the water makes it pretty and blue
If Hannah has 10 goats and Billy has 1 how soon will they get married: They will get married in 196 and a half days.
Socks: Poot
How often do you bathe: everyday
Whats your definition of love: I dont think there is any definition of love.  I think its different for every person and I think that its such an incredible sensation that it is impossible to explain it with words.  No one knows what love is until they've experienced it themselves.
Whats your opinion on Sharpies?: I like sharpies.. i color all over myself.. and everything else too..  infact.. my whole room.. is sharpie. You see I had a little girlie girl room and I was going to paint it, but one night my friend caylee i and i got extremely bored (go figure) so we asked my mom if we could write on my walls since we'd just paint over it later.. so she said yes and we wrote on my walls.. since then everyone that comes over takes a sharpie and writes on my wall..

Did you have fun: Yeah it gave me something to do for the last half an hour!
Are you excited for the voting to begin: hells yeah.. ha, again something to do!

Tell us where you are promoting our community ((I will be checking!)) I'm not a member of any communites yet but i will be sure to promote as soon as I join some.
In one word sum up your experence of this application:

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