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Am I Bored Enough For You?

Age: 13
Place of birth: Minnesota
Location: Minnesota
Sex: Yes Please! .. [Female]
Sexuality: Straight
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Boyfriend. [Mike, he's the guy in my display image]
Got any pets?: No.  My dogs had to be put to sleep a while ago :(

Love & Basketball  -  8 Seconds  -  Cowboy Up  -  Sixteen Candles  -  Pretty In Pink  -  Most Disney Movies -  and a ton more
TV Shows: The OC  -  Degrassi  -  Friends  -  7th Heaven  -  Girls V. Boys: Hawaii
Music: Blink 182 - Dashboard Confessional - Green Day - The Used - Brand New - Bad Religion - AC/CD - New Found Glory - Incubus - Story of the Year - Finch - and a ton more
Books: The Harry Potter Books - "Night" by Elie Wiesel - "Speak"
Games: Bubble Trouble - The Sims - Does Volleyball work? - How about Basketball - Softball/Baseball
Material object: My baby blanket.  I've had it my whole life, and it goes everywhere I go.  I sleep with it every night.  It may seem childish, but it's the truth.

::What Are Your Views On::
War In Iraq:
I'm glad we've captured Sadam.  But I think we should get out now, and let THEM rebuild their country the way that THEY want it.  Not the way Bush wants it..
Sex:((Yes, just sex in general)) I'm a virgin so I dunno.  But there's nothing wrong with sex.  It's all good.  Just use protection, I guess.
Gay Marriages: I think gay people should be allowed to get married I mean, they're people too..just like us.  And besides, one of my close friends is gay, and I believe he should be able to get married someday.  Nobody should be able to deny the right of marriage to anyone just because of their sexuality.
Self Mutilation: People who cut for attention- they are VERY annoying.  I mean, it's like "I'm not getting enough attention, wait- I know..I'll go cut myself, yeah!" That's not cool.  it's annoying to me.  But if a person has a reason to cut, I think they should seek help, and learn to deal with things in a way besides cutting.
Boredem: I am bored of being bored

How often do you find yourself bored:
Very often
How do you usually solve your boredem:
Call Brittany..or sleep..or talk to someone who's NOT bored, so that maybe they're non-boredom will rub off on me.
Any advice for others on how to become bored less often:
No.  But if anyone has advice for others on how to become bored less often, ~Please share it with me!~
Why do you think boredem plagues so many people:
I have no idea.  Maybe because they think there's nothing to do.  Or have nothing to do.
Hobbies... Got any of those: Volleyball - Riding bike - going to rodeos - music music music and more music - doing things with friends/family

::Suck Up!::
And now here is a few minutes so that you may suck up so that you have a better chance of acceptence:
Suck up? pssh..I'm so good, I dont need to suck up.  I've got this thing in the bag.  I'm just messing with ya.  Well, I suppose I could tell you why I wanna get accepted:  I'm bored a lot, and if I meet a lot of bored people, than maybe we can all hang out and then cure each other's boredom!

Why is the sky blue:
Because there was no more green left after they got done making the grass green. :D
Fine, then why is the ocean blue:
Because..umm..well..because there was no more yellow left after they got done making the sun yellow. =)
If Hannah has 10 goats and Billy has 1 how soon will they get married: Woah..11..that's a lot of goats.  My uncle had like 20 goats once, but then some of them died.
poot..I did read the rules!
I click my pens in school..and annoy the hell out of my teachers.
How often do you bathe: Atleast once a day
Whats your definition of love: Love is like a rose, it's a beautiful thing to have.  But if you hold it too tight and aren't careful with it, you'll end up hurt.
Whats your opinion on Sharpies?: I think they smell good.  And I like to color with sharpies.  But I dont ever get high off of them..

Did you have fun:
Yeah..I guess so.  After re-reading some of my answers they made me laugh, so that's good.
Are you excited for the voting to begin:
YES!  I cant wait to see what everyone thinks of me and boredom
Tell us where you are promoting our community ((I will be checking!)) I'm going to promote in my LiveJournal
In one word sum up your experence of this application: SPANKYDOODLE-NESS!  (that's a good thing)

Thank you for taking time to review my application.  Have a nice day.

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