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Am I bored enough for you?

Well, seeing as it's 10:32 AM and I haven't started working on my fanfiction yet, I'm pretty damn bored XD I was browsing wiccangrl014's journal and saw this community... So... Well, I'll just fill out the application instead of talking your ears off ^^


Name: Kherezae
Age: 16
Place of birth: Krypt--er, I mean, Georgia...
Location: District of Columbia (dad's military)
Sex: Femme-fatale
Sexuality: Straight
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None... Not surprisingly =D
Got any pets?: Not here... We couldn't bring our cat up from Florida, so he's still down there... He's a cute black cat almost a year old named Ebony.


Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (only for Jack, I assure you), Peter Pan 2003, Where the Heart is
TV Shows: Smallville, Teen Titans, some MTV countdowns and such
Music: Rock--especially Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, Trapt, Hoobastank, POD, Our Lady Peace, Nickleback, and Evanescence
Books: The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind; Orson Scott Card's Ender and Ender's Shadow series; RA Salvatore's books about Drizzt Do'Urden; Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy; some Piers Anthony books
Games: Zelda N64 games, Kingdom Hearts, Baldur's Gate, sometimes Dark Cloud... XD Pictionary
Material object: Um...? The computer? XD Or maybe my hands? Dunno, I've never had to think about that one...

::What Are Your Views On::

War In Iraq: I'm not much on watching the news, and I have a feeling I might get a couple of negative comments about not knowing what the hell is going on over in Iraq... From what little I've paid attention to, though, it seems like even if the war was necessary, it didn't have to be dragged out this long... And my best friend's dad just got told he'd have to go to Baghdad, and their Christmas will probably be ruined because of it, so I'm not one for rosily declaring that whatever the president says is gold.
Sex: You're asking a horny teenager this question? As if you don't know what I'm really thinking... XD Well, I wouldn't be frivolous about having sex. If I had sex, it'd be for love, probably when I'm married--though I wouldn't beat myself up if something happened before I got married. As long as I was bright and coherent enough to use protection. I'm a virgin and I do get curious about sex, of course... But I'll remain abstinent XD
Gay Marriages: Love is love! You can't help who you fall in love with. I'm all for gay marriages... I hate it when people say that being gay is wrong and unnatural--maybe it isn't right for you, but don't judge whether or not it's natural! You don't know--you aren't gay! -cough- I may have gone off on a little tangent there.
Self Mutilation: As a stable person who never has and likely never will cut herself, I can't say I understand what puts people into such a state of mind that cutting is their only relief, their only way out. I don't think it's wrong... I just hope that anyone who's that bad off gets help before they hurt themselves anymore than they already have.
Boredom: It sucks monkey balls. But, hey, it happens.


How often do you find yourself bored: Quite often, actually... Annoyingly so. Several times a day for long stretches of time, in fact.
How do you usually solve your boredem: Er, do something? Work on something different. I have lots of projects I can switch between should boredom strike me whilst I'm in the middle of one.
Any advice for others on how to become bored less often: Hell, if I had it don't you think I'd use it? I don't know, maybe... Try being more random, meeting new people... Heh.
Why do you think boredom plagues so many people: Because we've pretty much weeded out the bubonic plague and something had to take its place... Right?
Hobbies... Got any of those: Gee, I dunno. XD Reading, writing, surfing the net uselessly, Neopets, roleplaying...

::Suck Up!::

And now here is a few minutes so that you may suck up so that you have a better chance of acceptence: Ehm... -pulls out her handydandy vaccuum cleaner and begins vaccuuming the corners of the community to get all the dust up-


Why is the sky blue: Well, you see, the white light of the sun contains all the colors of the rainbow, but they have to be separated off for us to see them individually. Each color has a different wavelength, and since blue's wavelength is much shorter than that of the other colors our eyes are very sensitive to, the crud in the atmosphere scatters it ten times more than red light. Therefore we see blue in the sky. [Guilty conscience: Yeah, I had to google that one. o_O XD]
Fine, then why is the ocean blue: Well, in America it's because pure water has a light blue color. The ocean also reflects the sky, so the color of the sky affects that of the water--ie if it's storming, the ocean appears darker. Large quantities of plankton in the water also makes the color darker. [Was again googled. -blush- Just shows how bored I am.]
If Hannah has 10 goats and Billy has 1 how soon will they get married: This depends on whether or not they are in love. If so, they might get married immediately! If not, they probably won't be married at all, as Hannah has a decent sized dowry and will likely be married off to some old fart much richer than poor Billy with his single goat.
Socks: Poop? Or pooh? I forget which one you said, and I'd go back but I'm afraid of losing everything I've already typed XD Oh--poot.
Pen: And Teller! They were on Fear Factor, you know... Though I don't know if he spelled his name Pen... Cool magicians, they are.
How often do you bathe: -smells armpits- What? Do I smell or something? I don't smell anything. -nearby flowers wilt- -glares at the flowers- Oh, stop it, you scaredy flowers, I just took a shower--I shower daily XD
What's your definition of love: Ehm, an emotion for something that is stronger than merely liking it? Or, when dealing with people, a bond between people that makes them care for one another and want to be together... Or, in the case of family, be at one another's throats.
What's your opinion on Sharpies?: Sharpies? Mm. They smell good. Heh.


Did you have fun: Sure did! Alleviated some of my boredom... I think...
Are you excited for the voting to begin: Yup.
Tell us where you are promoting our community: Eljaypromotion. I'll promote the moment I post this.
In one word sum up your experience of this application: antidisestablishmentarianism

Wow. o_O Someone was bored when they made that application XD
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