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Name: michael
Age: 15
Place of birth: florida
Location: florida
Sex: male
Sexuality: gay
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: kerr smith is my boyfriend
Got any pets?: yes i do a snake, lizard, dog and turtle

Movies: final destination, monty python, minority report
TV Shows: tru calling, dawsons creek
Music: alternitive
Books: any
Games: black and white
Material object: your mom

::What Are Your Views On::
War In Iraq: don't care
Sex((Yes, just sex in general)): i'm a virgin mostly
Gay Marriages: i'm gay what the fuck do you think?
Self Mutilation: i used to cut. good times
Boredem: great

How often do you find yourself bored: everyday
How do you usually solve your boredem: livejournal
Any advice for others on how to become bored less often: get hobbies
Why do you think boredem plagues so many people: cause we are awesome
Hobbies... Got any of those: not really

::Suck Up!::
And now here is a few minutes so that you may suck up so that you have a better chance of acceptence: i am bored so accept me

Why is the sky blue: because i made it that way
Fine, then why is the ocean blue: made it that way too
If Hannah has 10 goats and Billy has 1 how soon will they get married: never billy is gay
Socks: suck
Pen: pencils by far
How often do you bathe: once a year maybe
Whats your definition of love: too deep
Whats your opinion on Sharpies?: sharp markers that are also used for giving one a high

Did you have fun: no
Are you excited for the voting to begin: sure
Tell us where you are promoting our community ((I will be checking!)): i will if i get accepted
In one word sum up your experence of this application: joyful!

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