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Am I Bored Enough For You?

Place of birth: New York
Location:New York
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:neither right now ::sigh::
Got any pets?: two cats Micheal Pickles and Casper, 2 Guinea Pigs Sully and Gizmo and 2 fish Fish 1 and Fish 2..

Movies:All the Harry Potter movies so far, Dawn of The Dead (Remake and original)
TV Shows: Real World
Music:GodSmack, Thrice,Breaking Benjamin, Pink Floyd, A.F.I., and alot more
Books: Harry Potter and Steven King
Games:The Sims :)
Material object: My darling computer :)

::What Are Your Views On::
War In Iraq: Im all for it. I think that some things are wrong though.
Sex:((Yes, just sex in general)) Yes please haha
Gay Marriages: All for them :)
Self Mutilation: I think that its not that good of a thing but people always handle things differently.
Boredem: Ack...something I have way too often, why I joined this community :)

How often do you find yourself bored: Like almost every friggin day...
How do you usually solve your boredem:go online
Any advice for others on how to become bored less often:No, sorry. but Im up for advice so I dont have to be all the time...
Why do you think boredem plagues so many people: Either because they are use to doing something all the time and they got a down time, or they just dont have any lives and just sit around all day... Im kind of in the middle I guess... heh heh
Hobbies... Got any of those: Hanging with my friends, going to concerts and parties whenever I can. Listing to music and watching movies... sounds boring huh? haha

::Suck Up!::
And now here is a few minutes so that you may suck up so that you have a better chance of acceptence: um...ehem... I love you? hahaha

Why is the sky blue: Because its not its not green
Fine, then why is the ocean blue: because Its not orange
If Hannah has 10 goats and Billy has 1 how soon will they get married: It will take them about 5 years because Billy needs to go to college to become a lawyer and Hannah is going to buy more goats in the process. But there is a chance of them becoming homeless and they will blame it on aliens..
Pen:has ink
How often do you bathe:every day
Whats your definition of love: Its a messed up thing. Falling in love is the best feeling in the world but its so easy to be crushed at any time.
Whats your opinion on Sharpies?: They smell good... and I like to draw stick figures with them.

Did you have fun: Yes I did
Are you excited for the voting to begin: Yeah :)
Tell us where you are promoting our community ((I will be checking!))I'll put something in my info of my journal
In one word sum up your experence of this application: Yay!

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